Research Center of Mata Atlântica by Urban Recycle

Research Center

Research CenterLocated in the geographic center of Salvador, the purpose was to create a building system with a scientific character directed to the studies, the maintenances and the conservation of the Atlantic Forest, connected and accessible thought-out an elevated path of 795 metros in the forest.
Research CenterThe main idea of the project started from the need of the requalification and expansion of the existent structure and, especially, the area of the herbarium of the Botanic Garden that actually contains 61.000 plant specimens with a new building that maximize the study and the conservation of this biome.
Research CenterMoreover, the expansion of the herbarium, which turns the center as a reference for the research of the Atlantic Forest, with a capacity of hosting an increasing number of plant specimens, the project proposes other little interventions.
Research CenterA little pavilion for the observation of the nature and a belvedere that offers, to the user, a reflection on the contrasts among the city, the preserved forest and the illegal abusive deforestation of the actual biome in the city of Salvador.
Research CenterFor the building installation it has been decided to use light, industrialized and prefabricated materials as construction system in order to accelerate the construction process and diminishing the impact caused by the new volume of the herbarium.
Research CenterThe main structure, with a horizontal character, tries to respect the limits of the old buildings, avoiding unnecessary cuts and landfills, preserving the original spaces and the vegetation. The main building with a total built area of 2.219,45 m² is composed by along 2 floors, a walkable roof and an underground floor.
Research CenterThe building contains administrative areas, sectors for the research of the Botanic Garden, a meeting room and a complete herbarium divided in two rooms. One that could be able to keep 150.000 plant specimens and the other that contains technical spaces such as: research rooms, and areas for maintenance, cataloguing and preparation.
Research CenterThe ground floor contains an area for digital exposition regarding the environmental education, an auditorium that can host 50 people with foyer and a semi covered area for group’s activities. Courtesy by Urban Recycle.
Research CenterLocation: Salvador, Brazil
Architect: Urban Recycle
Project directors: Saul Kaminsky, Diego Viana
Project Team: Stefano Pisanu, Andrea Sedona, Frederica Monti, Thúlio Rodrigues, Adalberto Vilela, Orlando Barros, Laura Kiss
Area: mq 160.000,00
Building area: mq 2500
Year: 2014
Client: Municipality of Salvador
Research Center Research Center Research Center Research Center Research Center Research Center Research Center

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