Smart City by Paul Davis + Partners

Smart City

Smart CityPaul Davis + Partners’ Hong Kong office has been chosen for a 120,000 m2 masterplan in Ningbo, China. The scheme has been designed for Gao Investments and will blend residential units with retail outlets and commercial developments.
Smart CityFour office towers and a low-rise office campus form a ‘central zone’ whilst a number of commercial units or high-end villas can be found in a separate ‘riverfront zone’. Paul Davis + Partners has striven to create a human scale throughout the masterplan, with public spaces and gentle landscaping across the site.
Smart CityNingbo has a strong economic history having been a trade city on the Silk Road for more than 2,000 years. In recent years, a number of Economic and Technological Development Zones have arisen across the city, focusing on hi-tech industrial technologies and cutting-edge developments.
Smart CityThis new masterplan by Paul Davis + Partners, dubbed Smart City, offers a variety of commercial offices to appeal to a diverse range of businesses. The firm is working on multiple projects in the city totalling approximately 500,000 sq m.

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