Soon appointed Contractor for ANIMA by Bernard Tschumi

ANIMA by Bernard Tschumi

ANIMA by Bernard TschumiAfter the exhibition of the project ANIMA, see details, that took place in April by the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, with a retrospective on Benard Tschumi as architect, educator and writer, the project in Grottamare (Italy) is beginning, even if with some delay, works’ adjudication process.
ANIMA by Bernard TschumiThe work is expected to start for the next July 2015 to be concluded within the end of 2017 or in the early 2018. Meanwhile the project’s web site, animailprogetto, has been open to straight follow all the phases from the project to the realization.
ANIMA by Bernard TschumiA.N.I.M.A (art, nature, ideas, music, action) may become an important regional activator as Benard Tschumi says for his first work in Italy. Bernard Tschumi Architects designed the ANIMA building around two clear ideas or concepts.
ANIMA by Bernard Tschumi“First, we wanted the interior of the building to read as a small town of sorts, and to generate unexpected events through its plazas and cortili. Second, we aimed at a simple exterior, with four vertical perimeter walls or facciate, hence investigating the concept of “facades” instead of envelopes in this project.
ANIMA by Bernard TschumiTogether, our two concepts of cortile interior and facciata exterior result in a building both simple and with a striking presence. It pays homage to major contributions from the Italian cultural identity, in particular for the front facade to Pericle Fazzini, a major artist from Grottammare.” Source by Bernard Tschumi.
ANIMA by Bernard TschumiLocation: Grottammare, Italy
Architect: Bernard Tschumi
Structural Engineer: CAED International
Surveyor: Studio Tecnico Associato Morganti
Electrical Engineer: Studio Tecnico Ing. Alessandro Federici
Mechanical + Hydraulic Engineer: Studio Tecnico Ing. Giuseppe Puglia Safety Coordinator: Studio di Consulenza e Progettazione Ing. Fabio Giannini Geologist: Studio Associato di Geologia e Geotecnica Marucci
Acoustic, Lighting + Multimedia System Designer: Biobyte
General Coordinator: Studio Associato di Architettura Elia-Giancotti
Area: 7,190 m2
End Project: 2017-18
Client: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ascoli Piceno


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