Vertical Farming Centre by Aram Shahoyan & Lusine Baghdasaryan

Vertical Farming Centre

Vertical Farming CentreThe vertical farming center in Yerevan, Armenia,  it consists of a few blocks: educational, office, hall, small library, winter garden, and vertical farming. the The Vertical Farming Center is located in a hill in the central part of Yerevan, where the popular Youth Palace belonging to the Soviet Modernism in Armenia was situated.
Vertical Farming CentreCurrently, there the world populations counts about 7 billion and the area used for agriculture equals to the territory of the Southern America. In 2050 the world population will count about 10 billion and in order to feed additional 3 billion people an extra area equaling the territory of Brazil will be needed. People use different types of chemical substances, e.g. pesticides.
Vertical Farming CentreTaking into account also the city growth and development into suburban areas it would be impossible to use such vast areas under agriculture during time. Vertical farming solves all these problems.
Basically vertical farming is a multi-storey greenhouse, the main advantage of which is the maximum crop yield from the smallest area which will enable to build such constructions in the center of megalopolises.
Vertical Farming CentreIn case of vertical farming a hectare yields 10 times more and all year round. In the result we have ecologically clean food. The water is filtrated and can be used several times. Power can be obtained from solar panels or from other alternative energy sources.
Vertical Farming CentreThe hill is visible from almost all parts of the city. Considering this the Designer, wished that the building – green tower – becomes a symbol for Yerevan.  Used plastic forms, and the dominating detail is the multi-storey building which summarizes the entire function and significance of the project.
Vertical Farming CentreThe construction takes up the small part of the area. The main part of the hill was improved and designed as a public area: park saturated with water areas. The construction has 2 underground storeys, one of which will serves as car parking lot, the other – as packaging and storage place.
Vertical Farming CentreThe three upper storeys are the rooms for technical service including water filtration installation and reservoir. The roof of the building is covered with green and solar panels. The grass-covered roof gives a number of climatic advantages and allows collecting rainwater.
Vertical Farming CentreThe educational section is connected with the office part through the second and third floors as well as it has closed bridge to winter garden. All functional zones are connected with each other through logical bridges.
Vertical Farming CentreThe educational part is connected with the National Agrarian University of Armenia as well as with the original production of crops grown by hydroponic method.
Vertical Farming CentreLocation: Yerevan, Armenia
Designers: , Aram Shahoyan, Lusine Baghdasaryan
University- Yerevan State University of Architecture and Construction
Adviser: Emilya Sargsyan
Year: 2014

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