White Sails hospital & spa by Vasily Klyukin

White Sails hospital

White Sails hospitalVasily Klyukin, an architect but also an Russian banker and future space, has revealed designs for White Sails hospital & spa.
White Sails hospitalThe project consists in four-skyscraper that looks like the world’s biggest yacht trapped in a very tiny lake. This project might actually get made to build “Tunisia Economic City”, a futuristic mega-city project.
White Sails hospitalTEC is a super-ambitious and grandiose project. It will become another link in the chain of the largest international hubs Hong Kong-Singapore-Dubai. The founder and the president Dr. Riadh Toukabri presented the project on September 10th, as well as announced that the budget of €50 billion is already confirmed.
White Sails hospitalOne of the first buildings to be constructed over there will be the White Sails Hospital and SPA, designed by Vasily Klyukin, which is expected to be realized jointly with a team of Thornton Tomasetti.
White Sails hospitalThe main idea of the architect Klyukin and Tunisia Economic City is to build a clinic, where people will feel the calmness and peacefulness, rather than experience the fear while visiting.
White Sails hospitalThe hospital will take care of the good mood and the healthy spirit. Visitors will feel themselves more like the guests during the cruise, rather than patients. Even the medical uniforms will be styled as marine uniforms. Source by Vasily Klyukin.
White Sails hospitalLocation: Enfidha District, Tunisia
Architect: Vasily Klyukin
Structure: Thornton Tomasetti
Investor: Lalei Al Barakah Est
Year: 2014
White Sails hospital White Sails hospital White Sails hospital White Sails hospital White Sails hospital White Sails hospital

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