AM3 Architetti wins Boarding school competition

Boarding school

Boarding schoolThe new boarding school establishes precise space relationships with the context, and to a larger scale, it opens onto the landscape towards Mount Stelvio  and the Müstair Valley. Transversally the lot is occupied by a “U” shaped volume, whose position is gauged in order to determine immediate and simple connections with the South East boundary lots.
Boarding schoolThe construction of the new building generates three types of outdoor spaces:  a public space to the South which is intended to be a park in direct relationship both with the residual agricultural land and with the school positioned to the North East; a private courtyard with a garden  which all the common facilities overlook;  a service area to the North which is dedicated to parking lots, facility premises, and to the loading and unloading area of the kitchen.
Boarding schoolThe ground floor of the boarding school houses the common facilities  of the fitness room, the canteen, and the study area. The two  floors which develop above form a compact and separate block that contains  the lodgings, while in the basement of the volume standing against the retaining wall there  are the storerooms for the sports equipment and the garage.
Boarding schoolThe main entrance faces South: thanks to  its barycentric position, it is possible to control the entrance and the main vertical connection system of the building from the porter’s lodge. The areas dedicated to education and leisure time are situated in the North East side and they look onto the courtyard.
Boarding schoolThe classrooms can be aggregated in various ways with great flexibility.  The fitness room stands towards the new park to South East and it opens on Mount Stelvio  through a large window wall: its transparency reveals the higher  sports education boarding school to the outside world.
Boarding schoolThe canteen is situated on the West side of the building, the kitchen and the storage premises have direct access to the existing roads, while the dining room looks upon the internal courtyard. The boarding school lodgings are  situated in a separate block which is independent from the common facilities and  thus suitably discrete;  in order to guarantee  correct exposure to  sunlight , the rooms  are positioned so as to receive direct sunlight all year round. Source by AM3 Architetti.
Boarding schoolLocation: Malles Bozen, Italy
Architect: AM3 Architetti Associati
Design Team: Studio Cangemi s.a.s, Ing. G. Pecoraro
Collaborators: arch. Luca Farina
Year: 2014
Boarding school Boarding school Boarding school Boarding school

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