Breaks Ground Overstock Peace Coliseum

Overstock Peace Coliseum

Overstock Peace ColiseumThe new corporate campus, referred to as the “Peace Coliseum,” which is anticipated to open during the summer of 2016.
Overstock Peace ColiseumOverstock officials have said that from the ground level, the building will look like a corporate glass-and-concrete version of the Roman Coliseum, but from the air, the three-story building will appear as a peace sign.
Overstock Peace ColiseumThe 231,000-square-foot office building will be located in the View 72 Corporate Center on 19 acres of land at 7295 S. Bingham Jct. Blvd. (approximately 930 W.) in Midvale, Utah.
Overstock Peace ColiseumIn addition to the central office building, the campus will include an amenities building, park-like open green space and a parking structure. The estimated project cost is nearly $100 million.
Overstock Peace ColiseumThe campus will host several on-site amenities such as a cafe, fitness center, health clinic and daycare. Overstock is also considering an on-campus greenhouse to provide fresh, organic produce to be served at the cafe. Source by   Overstock.
Overstock Peace ColiseumLocation: Midvale, Utah, USA
Architects: EDA
Developer: Gardner Company
Contractor: Okland Construction
Area: 231,000 sf
Year: 2014
Client: Overstock

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