Carpet Museum in Azerbaijan

Carpet Museum

Carpet MuseumAzerbaijan is one of the leading countries worldwide in terms of the art of carpet weaving.
Carpet MuseumAzerbaijan’s Carpet Museum has been around since 1967, first inside a 15th-century mosque.
Carpet MuseumIn 2010, Azerbaijan’s traditional art of carpet weaving was included in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
Carpet MuseumThe recent years have seen the emergence of such modern landmarks of Azerbaijan as the Heydar Aliyev Center, the Flame Towers and the Flag Square.
Carpet MuseumThese architectural works demonstrate the power and development of modern Azerbaijan.
Carpet MuseumThe Carpet Museum, where unique samples of applied arts are exhibited, has been located in different places throughout its history.
Carpet MuseumThe new building houses 13,300 exhibits and items, including carpets, thread-work samples, metalwork, fabrics, clothing, ceramic, glass, wooden and paper items, jewellery, books, and a unique collection of photographs.
Carpet MuseumDesigned by Austrian architect Franz Janz, the museum highlights all areas of the Azerbaijani carpet making school and features a wide assortment of centuries-old carpets and thread-work samples.
Carpet MuseumAn eye-popping example of literal architecture that’s made all the more bizarre by the fact that the museum abandoned unbelievably gorgeous historic spaces in favor of it.
Carpet MuseumThe structure, which took six years to build, has curved walls from the inside, not just the outside, which means that visitors can admire the country’s intricate textiles.
Carpet MuseumLocation: Baku, Azerbaijan
Architect:  Hoffmann – Janz
Engineer: Osama Dalileh, Daniel Georgi, Sanja Latas, Thomas Lampl
Year: 2014
Owner: Ministry of Culture and Tourism the Republic of Azerbaijan
Carpet Museum Carpet Museum Carpet Museum Carpet Museum


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