CEBRA complete StreeDome


StreeDomeThe SkateCity project is an indoor skateboarding and street culture facility based on CEBRA’s igloo hall concept. To reduce running costs, the hall is unheated and lit primarily through daylight while the building’s surface area has been minimized through its dome shape.
StreeDomeThe roof spans around 40 meters under which there is a large open floor. This space is free of load-bearing structures and can therefore be used for any kind of sporting arrangement, in this case skateboarding.The Igloo is adapted to both the site and the specific function of skateboarding and street culture.
StreeDomeOn the outside, the dome is an actual part of the skating park and can be considered another object to skate on with banks, stairs and quarter pipes along the rim. An outdoor covered space faces the waterfront and the pedestrian zone along the fjord.
StreeDomeInside the space, pools are scooped out of the floor and in the middle there is a boulder structure containing ancillary rooms and bathrooms. Wide gates open to the outside connecting the surrounding skate park with the inside floor. On sunny days people can flow seamlessly through SkateCity into the bowls under and onto the dome.
StreeDomeIn the planning phase CEBRA has implemented the results from the comprehensive dialogue with a wide range of the facility’s future user groups. This process has been an essential element right from project’s initial phases and has left a clear mark on the final design.
StreeDomeLocation: Haderslev, Denmark
Architect: Cebra, Glifberg+Lykke Design
Engineer: Rambøll
Size: 1.600 m² New Building
Year: 2014
Client: Haderslev Municipality, Skatecity

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