Pavilion at Brookfield Place by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

Pavilion at Brookfield Place

Pavilion at Brookfield PlaceThe Pavilion is the new front door into Brookfield Place, the Lower Manhattan landmark formerly, designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects.
Pavilion at Brookfield PlaceThe Entry Hall Pavilion, which is part of the first phase of landlord Brookfield Office Properties‘s $250 million renovation of the property, allows PATH and subway commuters easy access to Brookfield Place,
Pavilion at Brookfield PlaceThis glowing entry is a grand new room through which 35,000 commuters and visitors will travel daily. Softly curving glass walls define its exterior.
Pavilion at Brookfield PlaceInside, a pair of 54-foot-tall expressive columns – woven for a basket-like appearance – supports the roof and enclosure.
Pavilion at Brookfield PlaceThe Pavilion extends from the Winter Garden, providing a new public space that reconnects the office tower complex to the World Trade Center.
Pavilion at Brookfield PlaceVisitors enter from ground level entries or from six high-speed escalators traveling 50 feet below grade to connect to the World Trade Center Concourse, Port Authority Transportation Hub, and September 11 Memorial sites.
Pavilion at Brookfield PlaceChanges to the Winter Garden include a new West Street entrance provides a seamless connection from downtown’s new state-of-the-art transportation hubs to the Hudson River, plus expanded public space for the various cultural events offered by Brookfield’s free arts program.
Pavilion at Brookfield PlaceLocation: New York, USA
Architects: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
Engineering: Thornton Tomasetti
Structure: Spector Group
Construction: Plaza Construction
Area: 8,000 square feet / 1,000 square meters
Year: 2013
Client: Brookfield Place
Photographs: Jeff Goldberg/Esto
Pavilion at Brookfield Place Pavilion at Brookfield Place Pavilion at Brookfield Place

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