Terrazza Martini by Pininfarina

Terrazza Martini

Terrazza MartiniMartini has entrusted Pininfarina with the design and planning, and the brief is to make it fully consistent with the key themes of the Universal Exposition, and at the same time, in line with the spirit of Martini. The Pininfarina team started out with four key elements – Food, Nature, Life and People – the basic themes of Expo 2015, and then gave life to a concept that would express these elements in traditional yet innovative ways.
Terrazza MartiniThus a space will come into being combining the history and iconic status of a legendary place that has always centred on life’s pleasures and at the same time express the changes of the present and the transformations of the future. The interior has been designed as modular spaces where an aperitif, the highlight of the Martini experience, can be fully enjoyed.
Terrazza MartiniThe main characteristic of the entire structure will be the mix of traditional elements and materials – such as wrought-iron railings typically seen on the terrace of a historic building but with a modern twist – with elements of contemporary design – the beautifully curving bench seating in typical Pininfarina style running along the entire perimeter of the terrace.

Terrazza Martini
Giorgio Molinari, Diana Bracco and Paolo Pininfarina

The Martini logo has been broken down into its constituent elements – the red circle is reproduced graphically on the perimeter walls and floors and the vertical blue line is represented by the bench, making the location instantly recognizable. The perimeter area will be further enhanced by lush rare vegetation amongst which will be many of the botanicals used in the preparation of the four Martinis: Bianco, Rosso, Extra Dry and Rosato. Source by Pininfarina.
Location: Milan, Italy
Project: Pininfarina
Area: 340 m2
Year: 2014

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