Casa Wabi Foundation by Tadao Ando

Casa Wabi Foundation

Casa Wabi FoundationCasa Wabi Foundation is an interdisciplinary project whose objective is to promote the exchange of ideas, fostering an open and constructive dialogue between national and international artists in a variety of practices and disciplines.
Casa Wabi FoundationThe name Casa Wabi comes from the Japanese wabi sabi, which means the art of finding beauty in imperfection, in accidents and in the depth of nature.
Casa Wabi FoundationLocated some 500 miles of Mexico City, in the pacific coast of Oaxaca, just outside the city of Puerto Escondido.
Casa Wabi FoundationSet between the mountains and the sea, Casa Wabi has been designed and overlooked by Japanese architect Tadao Ando. The facilities include a multi-purpose room, six studio-dorms and a sculpture garden.
Casa Wabi FoundationCasa Wabi is designed as a space for artists to converge through its residency programs, sculpture garden, and film series.
Casa Wabi FoundationExploring and exchanging new ideas and concepts with fellow resident artists, our participants will find themselves in the ideal environment for professional development.
Casa Wabi FoundationThe goal is to promote integration, both innovative and unique, and a new collection of unfiltered artwork, highlighting the human aspect in the union of art and nature.
Casa Wabi FoundationThe development of a live museum generates an aesthetic experience different from that of a museum or gallery, and encourages the interaction amongst nature, contemporary art, architecture and the local communities creating a unique and innovative scene. Source by Casa Wabi.
Casa Wabi FoundationThe architecture combines modern and traditional materials and techniques; the structure is concrete, following Ando’s signature style, but also uses the region’s traditional ‘palapa’ construction.
Casa Wabi FoundationThis is an open-sided pavilion featuring a thatched roof made of dried palm leaves that is common in that area of Mexico. A 67-acre botanical garden set to become the foundation’s outdoor contemporary art collection completes the scheme.
Casa Wabi FoundationLocation: Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
Architect: Tadao Ando
Founder: Bosco Sodi
Director: Patricia Martín
Year: 2014
Photographs: Foto Estudio Zabé
Casa Wabi Foundation Casa Wabi Foundation Casa Wabi Foundation Casa Wabi Foundation Casa Wabi Foundation Casa Wabi Foundation Casa Wabi Foundation Casa Wabi Foundation Casa Wabi Foundation

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  1. Whether it’s Osaka…or Oaxaca…
    you can’t mistake Ando’s look…
    no one does concrete with the ‘sensuality’
    of ‘the maestro’!
    I Gotta go…

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