The Cubes by Nestor Sandbank

The Cubes

The CubesDesigned by Argentinian architect Nestor Sandbank, The Cubes House is located in Ramot Hashavim, Israel. Based on the philosophy of a resort, each block is a mini residence for each of the members of this household. Four bedrooms, each with private bathrooms and living areas, a private cinema, a games room.
The CubesShared public areas overlook the pool and garden with contemporary sculptures and decorated with fruit trees of lemons, oranges and avocados. The garden of the house is spacious and impeccably treated with large concrete slabs framing rectangular plots and several outdoor areas. Most of the house focuses on this impressive outdoor space, where much of the social activities take place.
The CubesA common area for relaxing and socializing which is opposed housing part structured like mini-apartments, independent and self-sufficient. Joined by a single corridor, surrounded by water features, the rooms of the three older children: 17, 15, and 11 years old, are built in a row perpendicular to the main house, with space for individual life in the first floors and the bedrooms upstairs.
The CubesEach room has its own terrace overlooking the garden, as well as a large balcony off the master bedroom on the main wing. The courtyard is carefully designed with contemporary design furniture that is integrated with the design of the residence, keeping it an essential part of living and comfortable space.
The CubesThese overlook the large common area with large windows that filter the light through an automated system. A number of large window areas of the house include wide sliding glass doors, allowing the main rooms to be opened and combined with the lawn for larger entertainment spaces integrated into the same plane.
The CubesThe interior, according to the philosophy that inspired the architect for this project is divided into two distinct areas: common areas with a large double volume with great works of contemporary art as a continuation of the exterior to the interior; private parts structured as real siute with sitting room and private bathroom.
The CubesThe main living room is distinguished from the rest of the long space it occupies by a large rectangular rug, which gives it a more comfortable environment than the hardwood floors around it. Its furniture combines mid century sculpture with contemporary design, which is very comfortable but undeniably modern.
The CubesNot all outdoor recreation areas in the house are on the lawn. Between the two wings is a terrace divided by a concrete suspension bridge that is also the entrance bridge to the house.
The CubesThe main entrance on the ground for cars and people is very wide and consists of concrete rectangular floors separated by lawn. The parking is covered by a white metal construction with an opaque glass ceiling to allow natural light. At night, the ceiling lights with LEDs and becomes a giant lamp seen from everywhere.
The CubesAt the edge of the room, the metallic shades of the balcony extend down as a bold staircase with blank wall space covered by intriguing contemporary art. At the opposite end, a kitchen designed by Giorgio Armani and the dining room starts from the living room due to its location in an area limited to a single height.
The CubesLocation: Ramot Hashavim, Israel
Architect: Nestor Sandbank
Architect: Orit Yaari
Area: 3,000 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Itay Sikolski
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