Homefarm by SPARK


HomefarmHomefarm is a conceptual proposal for the next generation of urban retirement housing. It presents a living and farming typology for Singapore (or elsewhere) that combines apartments and facilities for seniors with vertical urban farming.
HomefarmSeniors live in a high-density garden environment created by a vegetable farm, where they may find employment. SPARK’s aim is to generate discussion about the many potentials that can emerge from the mixing of two typically separate realms.
HomefarmThe research-based design addresses two pressing challenges faced by Singapore: how the city state might support a rapidly ageing society, and how it might enhance its food security (90% of which is currently imported). Source by SPARK.
HomefarmSPARK Director Stephen Pimbley explains: “We designed this concept for Singapore but there is the potential for it to be applied in any location that would support the growth of leafy green vegetables on building facades and rooftops.”
HomefarmGoes on to state “We are keen to see this project materialise at some point in the future. The concept is a realisable solution to real and pressing problems faced by many of the world’s growing cities.”
Homefarm Homefarm Homefarm

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