Kindergarten Cerkvenjak by Superform

Kindergarten Cerkvenjak

Kindergarten CerkvenjakThe proposed kindergarten is in the village of Cerkvenjak, which is located in the centre of the Slovenske Gorice region.
Kindergarten CerkvenjakIts traditional construction is defined by individual low elongated houses with pitched roofs built on the ridges of the hills.
Kindergarten CerkvenjakThe proposed kindergarten is inseparably connected with the natural surrounding of the trees and playground equipment.
Kindergarten CerkvenjakThe concept of the kindergarten is similar to its local surrounding with the rhythmic string of volumes and roofs.
Kindergarten CerkvenjakBecause of this, the kindergarten does not surpass the scale of an individual house and gives to the user – a child, a sense of home.
Kindergarten CerkvenjakThe proposed kindergarten design originated from an existing learning path of Klopotec, which runs nearby.
Kindergarten CerkvenjakThe kindergarten is a new program and function that upgrades the existing learning path; it becomes s a new branch of the Klopotec learning path.
Kindergarten CerkvenjakThe result of using the principle of a learning path is a unique division and rhythm of the playrooms.
Kindergarten CerkvenjakThe kindergarten offers rich experience to children. The kindergarten is closer to the scale of the child. The kindergarten = a learning path. Source by Superform.
Kindergarten CerkvenjakLocation: Cerkvenjak, Slovenia
Architect: Superform
Project Team: Marjan Poboljšaj, Anton Žižek, Meta Žebra, Boris Janje, Špela Gliha
Landscape: Adkrajine
Area: 780 m2
Year: 2014
Client: County of Cerkvenjak
Photographs: Luka Kaše
Kindergarten Cerkvenjak Kindergarten Cerkvenjak Kindergarten Cerkvenjak Kindergarten Cerkvenjak Kindergarten Cerkvenjak Kindergarten Cerkvenjak

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