Kulturväven by Snøhetta and White Arkitekter


KulturvavenVäven is a new cultural center located in Umeå’s city center, next to the town hall park on the Ume river. The new development is seen as an important catalyst for Umeå’s urban regeneration, and will help prepare the city for the for the European Culture Capital festivities in 2014.
KulturvavenDesigned by Snøhetta in collaboration with White Arkitekter AB, this new building will weave (hence the name väven, meaning ‘weave’ in Swedish) multiple cultural programs and activities together, providing a stage for performing arts, exhibitions, study and leisure.
KulturvavenVäven is part of the “Staden mellan broarna” (the Town between the Bridges) urban development project, and is intended to reinforce the cultural precinct being formed from the Artistic Campus including the School of Architecture and the Museum of Modern Art, to the Broparken recreation area.
KulturvavenThe building is surrounded by the quay area, the river and Rådhusparken in the heart of Umeå. The building has several public entrances and terraces which form new public areas overlooking the river. Väven is also a completely new method for interaction between the various activities.
KulturvavenCross-disciplinary working and facility-sharing will give rise to exciting new encounters between different art-forms in both public and commercial spaces. Väven is never going to be finished.
KulturvavenThe activities will undergo constant change and development through dialogue with citizens, the business community and other visitors. One main principle is to create “space within a space” and to keep the façade and view unrestricted.
KulturvavenThat means the clusters of rooms formed are designed as blocks within the building. Glazed walls create a transparent, open building in which all activities are made visible.
KulturvavenSightlines through the building, many views and the fact that the public staircases are designed as landmarks, are all important elements to help people find their bearings. The facilities within the Väven building are intended generally to be for flexible, sustainable use over a long period.
KulturvavenVäven is intended to be “seamless and sleepless”. Efforts have been made to make activities in Kulturväven accessible during most hours of the day, so there are plans to have different opening hours in different parts of the building.
KulturvavenAn important aspect influencing technical solutions and configurations at every phase. The internal configuration is like the outside – influenced by the birch. Source by Snøhetta and White Arkitekter.
KulturvavenLocation: Umeå, Sweden
Architect: Snøhetta
Local Collaborator: White Arkitekter AB
Size: 27,000 m2
Year: 2014
Client: Väven I Umea AB / Balticgruppen AB
Photographs: Courtesy by White Arkitekter

Kulturvaven Kulturvaven Kulturvaven Kulturvaven Kulturvaven Kulturvaven

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