Northgate Ankara by Motto Architecture

Northgate Phase International Airport

Northgate Phase International AirportNorthGate is a 300000 sqm development that creates a new urban focus in the vicinity of Esenboğa International Airport in Ankara. The development is both a part and a catalyst of the rapid process of urban generation in the zone along with the new international expo, two university campuses and a large-scale automobile showroom complex.
Northgate Phase International AirportNorthgate is the largest self-sustaining mixed use project in the location, introducing offices, residences, a variety of retail programs and a five-star hotel along other amenities. The development provides temporary work-stay environments for travelling business people as well as a 120000 sqm of housing units.
Northgate Phase International AirportThe downtown of the project, constituting phase 1, features 3 office-residence towers, a five star hotel and a variety of retail programs. The units are positioned around a central courtyard that acts as an urban square bordered with recreational and shopping programs.
Northgate Phase International AirportThe courtyard is connected to pedestrian axes that extend from a 100000 sqm park with a range of recreation functions on the eastern border of the site.
Northgate Phase International AirportThe office towers and the hotel are positioned according to an alternating pattern that allows unblocked views of plateaus and the airport on the north, and views from the park on the eastern and southern directions.
Northgate Phase International AirportA pedestrian street connects the park to the courtyard and extends on west towards the housing and healthcare units. Vehicular access in the courtyard is restricted and allowed only for drop-off functions. Source by Motto Architecture.
Northgate Phase International AirportLocation: Ankara, Turkey
Architect: Motto Architecture
Partners in Charge: Onur Ozkoc, Heves Beseli – Team: Hakan Sanli, Tamara Nazari, Irem Senem Büyükkocak
Structural Engineering: Özün Proje Ltd.
Mechanical Engineering: Beseli Engineering
Electrical Engineering: RAM Engineering
Visualization/Imagery: Monogram
Area: 300,000 m2
Year: 2014
Status: Under Construction
Client: ADN Atlas Construction
Northgate Phase International Airport Northgate Phase International Airport Northgate Phase International Airport

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