Paris City Hall says no to Triangle Tours by Herzog & De Meuron

Triangle Tours

Triangle ToursThe Paris City Hall voted against the construction of the skyscraper “Triangle Tours” in a vote marked by violations of the rules of the secret ballot by the Representatives of the opposition. Hidalgo Mayor said Empty he would challenge the decision.
Triangle ToursThe “Tour Trinagle”, worth € 500 million, designed by Herzog & De Meuron, in the shape of a flattened pyramid with 42 floors, if approved, had to be the first skyscraper in the center of Paris.
Triangle ToursThe Herzog & De Meuron, describing their project “as a piece of the City That could be pivoted and positioned vertically. For the visitor, the project is first experienced from the square of the Porte de Versailles, where the public transportation networks converge.
Triangle ToursThe basis of the project is open to all, from the square of the Porte de Versailles and along the avenue Ernest Renan, which regains the appearance of a Parisian street with shops and restaurants.
Triangle ToursThe north-east vertical axis of Triangle facing the center of That Paris Has a funicular links the public spaces at street level to a panoramic restaurant and in the heights of further Top Top Triangle, up to a lookout point from Which The entire metropolis can be discovered”.
Triangle ToursIts orientation is calculated according to the orientation of the winds and the sun’s path. The ecological concept of the work rests on four pillars: the concentration of space, natural ventilation of the building, solar and geothermal energy. The face of the Green Triangle Tour, however, has not convinced the Greens today.
Triangle ToursLocation: Paris, France
Architect: Herzog & De Meuron
Hight: 211 m
Cost: € 500 million

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