Passerelle Station Roosendaal by West 8

Passerelle Station Roosendaal

Passerelle Station RoosendaalThe design of a footbridge across railway tracks in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, is a challenging task that aims at optimizing the viability and functionality of a large area surrounding the nearby railway station.
Passerelle Station RoosendaalThe footbridge strengthens the relationship between the various urban precincts alongside the tracks and provides for a dialog in this context.
Passerelle Station RoosendaalThe bridge design is based on structural, functional and visual amenity determinants and a search for a strong character created by means of a simple construction.
Passerelle Station RoosendaalThe proposed bridge provides an answer to this overall context by a balanced combination and integration of shape, structure and construction materials. Source by West 8.
Passerelle Station RoosendaalLocation: Roosendaal, The Netherlands
Architect: West 8
Project Team: Adriaan Geuze, Maarten van de Voorde, Pieter Hoen, Gaspard Estourgie, Joost Koningen, Joris Weijts, Pieter Bertheloot, Ronald van Nugteren
Year: 2014
Client: Van Hattum en Blankevoort
Awards: 1st Prize competition
Passerelle Station Roosendaal Passerelle Station Roosendaal Passerelle Station Roosendaal

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