The Quadrangle of Rain by ZUOVI Architects

The Quadrangle of Rain

The Quadrangle of RainZUOVI Architects has been awarded the First Prize in an official design competition  Kaohsiung LOHAS Building Design Competition, which is held by Kaohsiung City Government. The Kaohsiung LOHAS Building is an urban plan that is promoted by Kaohsiung City Government for residence design in the purposes of Sustainability, Localization and Livability.
The Quadrangle of Rain“The Quadrangle of Rain” is the concept which is proposed by ZUOVI Architects in this competition. It reflects the domestic climate in Kaohsiung City – an area with high temperature and rainless in seasons. The Quadrangle of Rain combines “The System of Water Recycling” and “The Rising Courtyard” to create a residence in a comfortable living environment.
The Quadrangle of RainThe design proposal, it has focused on three main topics:
1. The Recycling System of Rain
Kaohsiung is a city which is very famous by ports and harbors, in the meantime, it is a city of high temperature and rainless as well. The design of the rain recycling is an essential challenge in this design proposal. Provides different levels of clean water filter system in an ecological way by combining with solar panels which are installed on rooftop.
The Quadrangle of RainThe system is designed to integrate the following purposes:Water saving, lower the temperature and mold the inner scape. Moreover, the ecological filter system connects the stairs which is allocated on the front side of the house. The stairs’ unique curvy form presents a strong characteristic of Kaohsiung LOHAS Building.
The Quadrangle of Rain2. The Quadrangle of the Family
“Quadrangle” is a traditional architecture type in Taiwan. The architecture form reflects the living style of subtropical zone and its uniqueness. Unfortunately, the quadrangle buildings has been disappearing in Taiwan gradually because of the modernization fact.
The Quadrangle of RainIn this design, “The Rising Courtyard” is a space that verticalizes the gathering core zones, which is operated by mechanic equipment. To be more specific, when The Rising Courtyard reaches different floor levels, it can be used as a BBQ area, a playground or even a secret gathering place for the family.
The Quadrangle of Rain3. The Quadrangle of the Neighborhood
The ground floor in this project is an open space is multifunction. It can be utilized as a water storage or to enhance the indoor air circulation, it is also a social space between the neighborhood and the house owner. The quadrangle reforms the traditional communication approach of the Taiwanese local society; on the other hand, the family members can remain their privacy in this housing in the same time.
The Quadrangle of RainThe Quadrangle of Rain, is a prototype which is designed by following the official building legislation constraints, which means this design proposal is not only a single experimental project for a design competition. Through the legislative amendments of Kaohsiung Housing Regulations and its implementations in actual actions.
The Quadrangle of RainIn a near future, it is clear to foresee that there will be more creative, bold and sustainable design of residences in Taiwan. In this circumstance, it is certainly a new phase for Taiwanese housing design, so as the architecture design industry in Taiwan. Courtesy by ZUOVI Architects.
The Quadrangle of RainLocation: Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
Architect: ZUOVI Architects
Area: 545 sqm
Year: 2014
Award: First Prize international competition
The Quadrangle of Rain The Quadrangle of Rain The Quadrangle of Rain The Quadrangle of Rain The Quadrangle of Rain

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