Renovation and Extension of the Zurich Zoo Foyer by L3P Architekten

Zurich Zoo Foyer

Zurich Zoo FoyerThe Zurich Zoo, situated on Zurichberg overlooking Zurich, is one of the most visited sights in Zurich, Switzerland.
Zurich Zoo FoyerDue to the continual growing number of visitors, the entrance foyer was re-structured and adapted to current needs.
Zurich Zoo FoyerIn this process, the need to react subtly to the standing foyer, an excellent project from Dürig Architects in 1999, was applied.
Zurich Zoo FoyerA complex, merged facility, embracing diverse areas such as the forecourt, counters, visitors’ centre, Zoo Shop, Zoo Café, volunteers’ centre and also including the station for the new zoo tram was realised in an all-out operation.
Zurich Zoo FoyerWith flowing forms the new foyer respectfully orientates itself to the pre-existing structures. Curved walls, display windows and rooves combine in spectacular rolling lines.
Zurich Zoo FoyerThe flowing forms and a selective light design were implemented intentionally to quickly and intuitively guide the arriving visitors. Great merit was given to authentic materials in the interior.
Zurich Zoo FoyerAn especially developed acoustic panel, made from packaging plywood, was put to use in the counter and visitors’ centre area.
Zurich Zoo FoyerThe natural grain reminding one of animal fur was superimposed with animalistic textures derived from irregularly drilled holes.
Zurich Zoo FoyerThus the guest is presented with an exciting backdrop which is emotionally attuned with the world of the zoo. Source by L3P.
Zurich Zoo FoyerLocation: Zurich Zoo, Zurich, Switzerland
Architect: L3P Architekten
Project Team: Martin Reusser, Boris Egli, Markus Müller, Frank Schäfer
Interior Design Zoo Shop: Decoris GmbH,
Engineer: Freihofer & Partner AG,
Building Physics: Wichser Acustic & Building Physics AG,
Electro-Engineer: Schmidiger + Rosasco AG,
Sanitary Engineering: GRP Engineers,
HLKK-Engineer: ahochn AG,
Landscape Gardener: vetschpartner Landscape Gardeners AG
Year: 2014
Photographs: Sabrina Scheja
Zurich Zoo Foyer Zurich Zoo Foyer Zurich Zoo Foyer Zurich Zoo Foyer Zurich Zoo Foyer Zurich Zoo Foyer Zurich Zoo Foyer Zurich Zoo Foyer Zurich Zoo Foyer

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