Sandan Villas by OVA Studio

Sandan Villas

Sandan Villas3 Storey Villas, part of a Taman Nuri large residential development in Melaka, Malaysia.
Sandan VillasTaman Nuri is woven around a carefully crafted Eco-Landscape with 10-acres dedicated to waterways, lakes and creeks, themed-landscape parks, lush walkways and a forest park.
Sandan VillasThese pristine surroundings formed an exclusive enclave for you and your children to walk through a life with nature.
Sandan VillasThis residential complex consists of more than 1,000 homes of various types, Sandan villas are only 7 in total, the high-end of this whole scheme.
Sandan VillasThe concept is based on an decomposition of the house into open boxes, where the edges seems to form a ribbon leading from one end to the other.
Sandan VillasA single tape from the entrance to the infinity pool while preserving the intimacy and direct the main spaces to the open views. Courtesy of OVA Studio.
Sandan VillasLocation: Melaka, Malaysia
Architect: OVA Studio
Architects / Directors: Mr. Slimane Ouah├Ęs | Architect DPLG,
Mr. Christophe Barthelemy | Architect DPLG
Architect Assistants: Alice NG , Stephanie Mendoza
Client: S.P.B.
Year: 2014 Project Stage under construction
Sandan Villas Sandan Villas Sandan Villas Sandan Villas Sandan Villas Sandan Villas Sandan Villas

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