The most sustainable office building of Nordic area


JuvelenThe basic architectural idea was to create a sculptural, eye-catching jewel of a building. A gemstone (juvel in Swedish) whose facets, as it were, mirror different aspects of the Uppsala region. Juvelen is a beautiful solo number which can be erected using a rational construction system and will meet our demands for architectural complexity, coupled with extremely high ecological aspirations.
JuvelenJuvelen will be an international showcase example of how to create a beautiful, architecturally interesting building with an emphatic sustainability profile. The triangular patterning of the façades is extended into the glazing of the bottom storey, which, with its generous headroom and wooden ceiling, makes the building feel light and airy, readily accessible and inviting.
JuvelenThe roof geometry is varied and exciting, and the roof itself will be clad with solar panels, green spaces and close-fitting metal parts. Façade and roof hang together, creating a unity of design. The entire bottom storey will be devoted to public functions, plus a communal lobby for all office storeys. The building has entrances in all three façades.
JuvelenJuvelen will be eco-certified to the global system known as LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (Core & Shell category). Our choice of LEED was prompted by the system’s widespread international currency and its holistic approach, which includes sustainability criteria to ensure a good indoor environment, an energy-efficient building, sensible choices of materials, climate-smart transport and a minimum of waste.
JuvelenThe building will attain Platinum, LEED’s highest level, by a generous margin. What is more, Skanska’s calculations show Juvelen scoring 90 points out of a possible 110, which will be the second highest score worldwide hitherto and the very highest in the Nordic area. Not only will this give the building a unique standing in the rental market, it will also make Juvelen a very great asset for communicating Uppsala’s ambitious environmental policy work. Souce by Utopia.
JuvelenLocation: Uppsala, Sweden
Architects: Utopia Arkitekter
Partner: Skanska
Area: about 10,000 m2
Start: 2015
Completion: 2016
Award: 1st Prize Uppsala Resecentrum competition
Juvelen Juvelen Juvelen

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