Myanmar Yangon Hotel by Samoo

Myanmar Yangon Hotel

Myanmar Yangon HotelNight view of the luxury hotel that will serve as the landmark of Yangon, the economic capital of Myanmar. POSCO E&C has held the groundbreaking ceremony  this year. A major hotel complex designed by Samoo Architects & Engineers in collaboration with POSCO A&C is currently under construction in Yangon, Myanmar.
Myanmar Yangon HotelLocated at the heart of the city of Yangon, the hotel will consist of one 15-story luxury hotel building with 346 guest rooms and one 29-story hotel with 321 guest rooms. Altogether, it will be a new highlight in the city’s growing hotel market, along with convention centers and other amenities.
Myanmar Yangon HotelThis project will be implemented on a build-operation-transfer (BOT) basis where the land lot near the lake of Inya, Yangon, will be leased for 70 years for the operation of the hotel, before being returned to the Myanmar government. The hotel will be open for business in late 2016.
Myanmar Yangon HotelBy becoming the first Korean contractor to create a building that will serve as a landmark of the economic capital, POSCO E&C has secured the foundation for a head-start in Myanmar’s construction market. Source by POSCO E&C.
Myanmar Yangon HotelLocation: Yangon, Myanmar
Architect: Samoo Architects & Engineers
Construction company: POSCO E&C
Year: 2016

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