President Obama’s Hawaii Presidential Center by Snøhetta

Hawaii Presidential Center

Hawaii Presidential CenterAccording to the Kumulipo, a native Hawaiian creation chant, life begins with ‘āko‘ako‘a, a single coral polyp which over time creates the land and all life that inhabits it.
Hawaii Presidential CenterAs a diverse collective of individuals growing over many generations, the notion of coral parallels the ambitions of the Presidential Center to become catalyst of thought, action, and community.
Hawaii Presidential CenterThe genealogy of the proposed site itself, reclaimed land sitting above what was once the exposed reef shoreline, provides a historic precedent which reinforces this connection.
Hawaii Presidential CenterMuch like the polyp, the Center has the unique opportunity to create a new environment that encourages assembly, provides places to congregate, and creates shared community resources. He pūko‘a kani ‘āina. The coral becomes an island.” Source by Snøhetta.
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Architects: Snøhetta
Executive Architect: WCIT
Year: 2014
Client: Hawaii Presidential Center
Status: Concept Design

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