Qatar World Cup Memorial by 1week1project

Qatar World Cup Memorial

Qatar World Cup MemorialThe construction works towards the World Cup Qatar 2022 has brought a sad and growing number of workers killed. These fatalities have no name; His death does not make news, and work resumed on the site as soon as possible to complete the building on time.
Qatar World Cup MemorialHowever, in the desert on the outskirts of Doha, a crane solemn prepares to add a more concrete to a tower that quickly and tragically, is becoming one of the highest buildings in Qatar module.
Qatar World Cup MemorialThis is the vision presented by the architects Axel and Sylvain Macaux Stampa, office 1week1project, through its “Memorial World Cup in Qatar.” Designed as one of its projects “spontaneous architecture”, the monument commemorates each worker died in the pre-World Cup period.
Qatar World Cup MemorialThe Qatar World Cup Memorial project is a scalable building that raises awareness about the number of workers who died during the construction of the stadiums for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
Qatar World Cup MemorialIt is in the form of a tower made of concrete modules, each one representing a deceased worker. The higher the number, the higher the tower. This structure offers Nepalese and Indian families as well as families of other nationalities a site for mourning removed from Qatar’s cities and skyscrapers.
Qatar World Cup MemorialThe project has a multitude of itineraries for visiting, on a basis of four modules per floor and two staircases per module. The cranes remain positioned in altitude until 2022. If the death rate is not reduced, the Qatar World Cup Memorial could reach a height of 1.5 kilometers (nearly a mile). Source by 1week1project.
Qatar World Cup MemorialLocation: Qatar
Architects: 1week1project
Architects In Charge: Axel de Stampa y Sylvain Macaux
Year: 2014
All images: 1week1project
Qatar World Cup Memorial Qatar World Cup Memorial Qatar World Cup Memorial

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