Reptile by Rabatanalab and Gakkin


ReptileArchitecture in motion, transforming and changing area, iridescent skeleton and leather, freehand tattoo. It is “Reptile”, a mobile exhibition pavilion project designed by Rabatanalab an Italian architecture office and by Gakkin a Japanese artist.
ReptileIt is a bending opera whose changing shape adapts to the suggestive features of the place it is exhibited.
ReptileA rail system is activated by an hydraulic integrated system and managed by a central unit with programmable logic controller (PLC) that enables Reptile to change shape and position allowing visitors to walk inside and in the meanwhile to shift through time and all changing physical space.
ReptileIt is a living system assembled by a wooden framework sets to rails through four properly designed joints that allow the rotation of the structure.
ReptileSpecial attention has been paid to the air channeling system with an expedient of two combined leathers that attached to the ribs will ease ventilation during the heat of the day.
ReptileExternal leather layer, an archetype crystallized of semi-sedentary populations, will be processed with hand-painted thermo chromic varnish that according to the changing daily temperature reached, will confer distinctive features to the structure.
ReptileThe exhibition space will turn into a dynamic one and walking visitors will be not more surrounded by a static urban context but by a continuing changing skyline. Source by Rabatanalab.
ReptileLocation: Ajmān, United Arab Emirates
Architect: Rabatanalab
Architects In Charge: Daniele Molinari, Rocco Salomone
Project Team: Danilo Loffreno, Donato Montesano, Camilla Tedesco, Angelica Maragno
Designs on the skin of the building: Gakkin tattoo
Lead Designer: Danilo Loffreno
Size: 3,000.0 m2
Year: 2014
Status: Investment proposal
Images: courtesy by Rabatanalab
Reptile Reptile Reptile Reptile Reptile

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