Synwha Consortium Wins Competition Waterfront Park for Busan North Port

North Port Redevelopment Water Park

North Port Redevelopment Water ParkThe Busan Port Authority (BPA) has named the SYNWHA Consortium winners of an international competition for the North Port Redevelopment Water Park in South Korea.
North Port Redevelopment Water ParkDoing business in the entire Water Park redevelopment plan area (1.53 million m2) place of business center with area of nearly 280,000 m2 marine culture complex harbors a large park between the Earth and the Earth as well as the south of the pedestrian within the commercial business district in the north the marine waters around the center axis to form a whole and greenery of the place of business plans to create a space where people can relax and enjoy the culture.
North Port Redevelopment Water ParkThe winning proposal is an “Interactive Pier” slated to transform the original port into a cultural center that celebrates the connubio tra  of mountains, river, and sea, while crafting dynamic connections between the city of Busan and its seaside.
North Port Redevelopment Water ParkThe person who creates a lively, people and cities to create unique landscapes, people and nature is the most important identity is to create a unique culture that makes beautifully Busan Busan.
North Port Redevelopment Water ParkUtilized as much as possible to preserve the memories of the old pier disappearing into the landfill, and new docks for entering into relationships wondosim and works as a new platform to accommodate the needs of wondosim have a continuous flow.
North Port Redevelopment Water ParkWas wondosim and civil society, local artists are on damdeon container products made with sputum culture going, the wondosim plays a role in the cultural infrastructure of play.
North Port Redevelopment Water ParkAnd precious memories of Ecology and North Port Quay of wet grassland to grow naturally will grow and laced maechuk of communication that is based on the Interactive Pier. Construction is expected to begin in 2016. Source by  Northportpark.
North Port Redevelopment Water ParkLocation: Busan, South Korea
Architects: SYNWHA Consortium
Project Team: SYNWHA Consortium (SYNHWA Consulting, Chang-jo Architects, Saman Co, Kunil Engineering, Daea, and BOEH ENC)
Area: 279372.0 sqm
Year: 2016
Competition: Busan North Port Redevelopment Waterfront Park
Award: First Place
Competition Organizers: BPA (Busan Port Authority)
North Port Redevelopment Water Park North Port Redevelopment Water Park North Port Redevelopment Water Park

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