FrontiersX for A As Architecture’s friends!

Our friends at Frontiers of Interaction have been dancing on the edge of any revolution of the past decade. This is the tenth edition. Which is a millenium in the digital cosmos.

Frontiers of Interaction is the place to be if you are in design at any level (and for any reason: creative, manager, engineer, developer, …) and want to know what’s going on in the rest of the world. If there’s a place where the future wants to appear, that’s Frontiers of Interaction.

It’s a place for listening, networking, generate creative thinking and connecting dots of any color and size.


40+ world class speakers from different disciplines and industries, and special guests.

Bruce Sterling, Kevin Kelly, Stewart Brand, David Orban,  Richard S. Wurman, David Crane, Adam Greenfield, Brad Templeton… and tens of big minds have participated to this incredible event. Including our very own Davide Bocelli, so you can ask him directly about the experience.

Milan Edition 2014

At Frontiers you’ll meet founders, entrepreneurs, designers, managers, academics, thinkers and makers will share insights, strategies and visions.

Rome Cinecittà Edition 2013

All is presented in the format of a real open conversation during two days of keynotes, workshops, panels and coffees to grab together. More speakers and special guests are announced continuously as the conference approaches.

Rome Edition 2009

Don’t miss you chance, book your ticket now and get into one of the most important global networks of creatives and thinkers.

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