Aedas partners with Swire Properties in Arts Month 2018

Swire Properties in Arts Month
Swire Properties in Arts Month
Duncan Jago aka Mr Jago

As a leading architecture and design practice, Aedas places creativity and creative thinking above everything. We are committed to foster creativity and engage in the communities we design for. In Hong Kong, we partnered with Swire Properties to bring British artists to the following highlighted programmes at Swire Properties Arts Month 2018:

Swire Properties in Arts Month
Graeme Brusby aka Xenz

1. Urban Art at Taikoo Park, Taikoo Place (Live painting from 22 to 24 March)
Three British artists, Phil Ashcroft, Graeme Brusby (aka Xenz) and Duncan Jago (aka Mr Jago), will paint murals in Taikoo Park. The live painting is set to infuse this space with street art’s vibrant energy while showcasing the art form. The murals are composed of smaller canvasses that will be individually sold to raise funds for the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation’s programme for disadvantaged and underprivileged youth.

Swire Properties in Arts Month
Group Photo

2. Remi Rough at Quarry Bay MTR (From 23 March)
British artist Remi Rough will inject energy and new life into the Taikoo Place exit at Quarry Bay MTR station with a dramatic and site-specific new geometric mural. By reimagining this public space, Rough will create a vibrant and vivid travelling experience, stimulating Hong Kong’s general public on their everyday commute, and encouraging a fresh engagement with the space. The work has been commissioned by Swire Properties and MTR, in partnership with Aedas.

Swire Properties in Arts Month
Phil Ashcroft

At the press conference Chairman and Global Design Principal Keith Griffiths said, “We are pleased to partner with Swire and four talented British artists in this special collaboration. We have worked with all these brilliant artists and I am happy to introduce them to the Hong Kong people.”

Swire Properties in Arts Month
Remi Rough

Aedas is proud to work in collaboration with Swire Properties in sustaining vibrant communities through art. Organised by Swire Properties, Arts Month 2018 will feature a dynamic, world-class programme with exhibitions, art installations, live street art and performances at their properties. Source and photos Courtesy of Aedas.

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