MARSCEPTION 2018 Architecture competition


The previous decade has witnessed MARS as the centre of attention for becoming a potential new habitat for the earth’s future population, resulting in a Martian race. With many visionary organizations and their ground-breaking explorative studies and research, the unseen future of inhabiting the Red Planet is now a real possibility; an opportunity to create a utopian tomorrow, making mankind a multi-planetary species.

Image Courtesy of Volume Zero

The Challenge
The participants are to create a self-sustaining living space for the initial habitants, a group of five researchers, of the Red Planet. These researchers are to further study and explore mars to understand its resources for inhabitation and other human necessities.

Image Courtesy of Volume Zero

The participants are to design functional, sustainable spaces that cater to the needs of these five researchers. The spaces for the program include: Living Area l Sleeping Area for five l Cooking Area l Research Area l Interaction Spaces l Areas for Sanitation and Bath l Recreation Area l Controlled Areas for Farming l Any other spaces that the participant wish to specify

Image Courtesy of Volume Zero


  • 1st Prize: USD 2000 + Certificate + Trophies + Publication
  • 2nd Prize: USD 1200 + Certificate+ Trophies + Publication
  • 3rd Prize: USD 800 + Certificate+ Trophies + Publication
  • 10 Honorable mentions: Certificates
    Winners and honorable mentions will be published on Volume Zero website and several international architecture and design magazines.


  • Early Bird Registration: 20th March 2018 to 18th May 2018
  • Standard Registration: From 19th May 2018 to 20th June 2018
  • Last Day for Queries: 10th June, 2018
  • Closing Date for Submission: 30th June 2018
  • Announcement of Winners: 20th August 2018

Souirce and images Courtesy of Volume Zero.

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