A new pavilion on the campus of ING in Amsterdam by Powerhouse Company

pavilion on the campus of ING

Located in the up-and-coming district of Amsterdam Southeast, the new 900m2 pavilion will become an inspiring and stimulating destination for employees on the campus, entrepreneurs, local residents, students and visitors. It will not only be the heart of the campus of ING and a high quality all-day dining option, but also a multifunctional space for the whole community.

When completed, the building will play an essential role in this rapidly changing area of Amsterdam. With nearby cultural and education institutions, and the influx of people moving away from the city center, the project location is ideal for engaging people through authentic place-making.  The pavilion was commissioned by OVG Real Estate and G&S Vastgoed. Designed with clean lines and minimalist architectural details, the pavilion is characterized by a friendly circular form and its synergy with the landscape and surroundings.

Powerhouse Company worked with a blend of subtle and complex gestures: the result is a modern and timeless aesthetic paired with dynamic features, such as variations in ceiling heights and the use of rich colors and materials. The design team chose to emphasize the natural landscape to create a calm atmosphere with a strong connection to the pavilion’s surroundings. This was achieved through the continuity of the staircase across the north facade and green Tichelaar tiles on the north and east facades. Inside, the wood ceiling and use of plants further enhance the indoor/outdoor experience.

“We designed the pavilion to be seamlessly integrated with its surroundings, creating a dynamic relationship between the interior and exterior. By combining a clear glass facade with natural materials and colors going in, the boundaries continue to blur as if there is no distinction between the two. Juxtaposing these elements with an interior of strong colors and soft textures generates an intimate indoor space with the comfort of a living room,” comments Stijn Kemper, project principal from Powerhouse Company.

The light wood element that forms the core of the building functions as structural support for the roof as well as a sculptural piece of furniture. In combination with the transparent facade, this freestanding element gives the building a distinct architectural expression, enhanced by the slight slope of the roof. At no point does the element come in contact with the glass facade, allowing for continuous views and circulation around the core.

Powerhouse Company worked closely with suppliers to find an innovative solution that would not only meet the aesthetic goals of the design, but also provide sustainable features such as light and temperature control. The glass facade, produced by iFS building systems, was carefully engineered to provide full transparency. The pavilion will house The Traveller, a new restaurant by Michiel Deenik, Neal Valentijn and Jeroen van Brussel. Following their restaurants Visaandeschelde and THE ROAST ROOM, The Traveller will provide an immersive dining experience with different cuisines and flavors to stimulate the senses.

Inspired by the multicultural atmosphere of the area, their menu will include authentic dishes from all over the world. They will also offer breakfast, lunch and take-away coffee. The collaboration with Studio BvanB and OFFICE RBGV on the interior design helped to realize the vision for the restaurant through color, finishes and materials. Additionally, the flexible design of the upper level of the wooden structure supports multifunctional programs such as meetings, socializing and cultural events. Completion of the construction is estimated for the second half of 2019. Source by Powerhouse Company.

  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Architect: Powerhouse Company
  • Interior design: Powerhouse Company and Studio BvanB in collaboration with OFFICE RBGV
  • Partner in charge: Stijn Kemper
  • Project Team: Stijn Kemper, Nanne de Ru, Robbert Verheij, Gerben Knol, Alex Niemantsverdriet, Bjørn Andreassen, Erwin van Strien, Fernando Diez, Franca Houg, Gert Ververs, Helena Tse, Koen van den Dungen, Lesia Topolnyk, Max Tala Nossin, Melanie Lo, Mike Hansen, Peter Lee, Stefan de Meijer, Rafael Zarza García, Thowalfakar Humady 
  • Lighting design: Studio Rublek
  • Constructor: Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs
  • Installation-advisor: Deerns Raadgevende Ingenieurs
  • Building physics & fire safety: DGMR
  • Advisor building costs: Basalt
  • Project initiator: ING
  • Project management interior design: JOBS Project Management – Jacob den Besten
  • Contractor pavilion: G&S Bouw
  • Contractor interior: Roord Binnenbouw
  • Client (Pavilion): OVG Real Estate and G&S Vastgoed
  • Client (Interior): The Traveller- Michiel Deenik, Neal Valentijn and Jeroen van Brussel
  • Size: 900m2
  • Year: 2019
  • Images: Courtesy of Powerhouse Company

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