O’Hare Global Terminal and Global Concourse by Foster + Partners

O’Hare Global Terminal

The new terminal will replace the existing 1960s Terminal 2, with ‘a cutting-edge global terminal that reflects the legacy of Chicago’s innovation, architecture and diversity.’ The joint venture led by Foster + Partners, Epstein and Moreno, has created a new vision for a gateway to Chicago that captures the city’s progressive spirit and its architectural legacy, while re-thinking the airport terminal for the next generation. Departing passengers first encounter the three sweeping arches of the new terminal as they approach, creating a dramatic canopy over the drop-off.

The arches then merge into a single curve as they enter the building, blurring the boundaries between inside and out and allowing the spectacle of the airfield to unfold, recapturing the romance associated with air travel. Nestled underneath the soaring roof, the column-free spacious volume is flooded with natural light. Domestic and international arrivals and departures are intelligently planned with direct routes, and every detail is designed with passenger experience at its heart. These interior spaces are inspired by Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods and in particular, the city’s emerald necklace, a democratic space that welcomes everyone.

Our team has also collaborated with Dorchester Industries to provide the new Global Terminal with a curated arts program celebrating Chicago’s immense talent in the arts. The unique roof structure is an emblematic element that binds the entire design together. Using cutting-edge technology, it is supported on its perimeter at just six points, creating a grand unified space that is designed to meet the everchanging operational demands that are synonymous with airport terminals and new technologies. Source and images Courtesy of Foster + Partners.

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