Punta de Mar by Mano de Santo

Punta de Mar

Punta de Mar is a startup that emerges from an idea of the Mano de Santo architecture team, and that KMZero Open Innovation Hub, has been responsible for developing and promoting as a business. A floating accommodation that provides a unique experience of integration with the natural environment. Being this the protagonist, the design must allow the user to perceive it directly with the 5 senses. Designed as a pavilion from which we approach the sea and learn to love it, take care of it and respect it. The sea mirror of the soul and icon of freedom.

The coexistence with this favors disconnection, relaxation and well-being. A 360º experience thanks to the design and the technology used as a tool that helps us get even closer to nature. Würth, Technal, Simon, Guardian Glass and Gira are strategic allies in this project participating in the technical development of this which uses technology and innovation to bring nature closer to the user. With a total area of 74 m2, the pavilion is designed for the enjoyment of two people and is divided into two floors, whose design and equipment is minimalist to achieve a deeper and more authentic connection with the destination in which it is located.

The first of them, 40 m2, has a stateroom with bathroom and a private terrace, continuing to the interior space. For its part, the second floor is a Chill-Out deck of about 34 m2 that has an area designed for relaxation and comfort of the guests. Both spaces have lighting and piped music, adaptable to the client’s taste. Precisely one of the most innovative points of this initiative is the control of the experience by the user. Through an app, the guest can decide on all domotic aspects of the room. That is, lighting, sound, air conditioning or aromas, among others.

Committed to sustainability
Punta de Mar is a sustainable tourism initiative, since it does not generate waste because it is an installation of modules whose system is the “Plug & Go”. In addition, it is integrated into the environment and its materials are of low environmental impact. Another of the strong points is the installation, which is immediate and relocatable, since it can be transported by land and towed by sea, which offers the possibility of lodging it in different natural areas in which to live unique and exclusive experiences. Source by Mano de Santo.

  • Location: Denia, Alicante, Spain
  • Architects: Mano de Santo
  • Architect in charge: Francesc de Paula Garcia Martinez, Ana Gil Collado, Francisco Miravete Martín
  • Promoter: KM Zero Open Innovation Hub (https://www.kmzerohub.com )
  • Built surface: 70,00 m2
  • Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Sergio Belinchon, Courtesy of Mano de Santo

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