Roskilde Festival Folk High School by COBE and MVRDV is completed

Roskilde Festival Folk High School

The Roskilde Festival Højskole (Roskilde Festival Folk High School) – the first new-build general folk high school in Denmark for 50 years, is the official opening. The new folk high school was designed by the architecture firms COBE from Denmark and MVRDV from the Netherlands, the same partnership that created the nearby Ragnarock – Museum for pop, rock and youth culture in the creative Musicon district in the city of Roskilde, Denmark.

The opening of Roskilde Festival Folk High School adds a new chapter to the history of Danish education as the first new-build general folk high school in Denmark for 50 years. The school is situated in Hall 10, a former production hall for the Danish concrete manufacturer Unicon, in the creative district Musicon in the city of Roskilde. The new 5.578 m2 facility offers students and teachers a setting for learning and creative projects in a folk high school based on the same
ideals as the annual music festival Roskilde Festival, which is based on voluntary engagement, a humanitarian focus and creativity.

The festival is organized by the Roskilde Festival Association and is created by 30,000 volunteers. All profits from the festival are donated to humanitarian, non-profit and cultural work for the benefit of especially children and young people. In 2019 the music festival had over 130,000 participants and volunteers, which makes Roskilde Festival Denmark’s fourth largest ’city’ measured in population.

In this project COBE and MVRDV renovated and opened the former factory hall up by adding large windows while preserving the existing concrete girders and pillars in their raw state as remnants of the former production hall, Hall 10. Throughout the building in its current state, one senses a clear contrast between new and old. The hall, which was originally a single open space, now houses 16 large boxes in different colours and materials inspired by the festival’s colourful

The boxes contain a variety of functions, such as workshops for the school’s artistic courses, stages, music studios, dance hall, classrooms, staff room and a lecture hall with a capacity of 150 people. Each box is designed as a distinct space that provides an optimal setting for the students to engage in the different subjects. All the boxes address the large common room in the middle of the old production hall, which has a ceiling height of eight metres. This area also contains the school’s communal facilities, such as the dining hall and assembly hall. The boxes are stacked two high in a staggered formation that gives rise to interesting and intimate spaces where the school’s community can develop and thrive in the ‘space in between’.

Roskilde Festival Folk High School is an important part of the development of Musicon, which is designed to be a vibrant and creative district. In addition to the folk high school the project also includes dwellings for students and teachers. The student dwellings are situated in front of the folk high school in two separate buildings. They consist of a number of stacked modules with sinusoidal and trapezoidal metal cladding that has clear references to the area’s history as an industrial production area. Each student block is four storeys high and tied together by an exterior system of gangways.

From the dwellings, the students have a view of the neighbouring Ragnarock Museum with the golden aluminium facade to one side and the skate section of the Rabalder Park to the other. Each floor is home to 15–20 students. In addition to their personal dwellings, the students have access to a common space with a kitchen, lounge area and working niches. Next to the student blocks there are four row houses with dwellings for the teachers at the folk high school. The row houses too are based on room-sized prefab modules with sinusoidal and trapezoidal cladding.

COBE and MVRDV won the competition for the so-called ROCKmagneten (Rock Magnet) area in 2011. In addition to the Roskilde Festival Folk High School, the area also includes Ragnarock – Museum for pop, rock and youth culture, which opened in 2016, the head office of the Roskilde Group and a master plan for the transformation of the surrounding area. Today’s festive opening includes speeches and student performances throughout the school and the performance of a song written for the event, ‘At Dø Er At Rejse’ (To Die Is to Travel) by the Danish band Nephew, which gives a concert at the school in the evening. Source by COBE and MVRDV.

  • Location: Havsteensvej 11, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark
  • Architect: COBE and MVRDV
  • Landscape architects: LIW Planning and Kragh & Berglund
  • Contractor – folk high school: B. Nygaard Sørensen
  • Contractor – student and teacher dwellings: Scandibyg
  • Engineering – constructions and installations: Norconsult
  • Engineering – sustainability: Transsolar
  • Engineering – fire: Alectia
  • Acoustics: Gade & Mortensen
  • Client: Bygningsfonden Roskilde Festival Højskole and the following client consortium consisting of Roskilde Municipality, Realdania, Roskilde Festival Group, A.P. Møller Fonden and Knud Højgaards Fond. Tuborgfondet donated a sum for the interior project.
  • Programme: Folk high school, students’ dwellings, teachers’ dwellings, offices.
  • Size: 5.578 m2 – Roskilde Festival Folk High School: 2.980 m2, student and teachers’ dwellings: 2.598 m2
  • Year: 2019
  • Photographs: Rasmus Hjortshøj – COAST, Ossip van Duivenbode, Courtesy of COBE and MVRDV

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