Winners of Urban Zoo Coworking Design Challenge competition

Urban Zoo Coworking

Urban Zoo Coworking was looking for a signature style for their co-working spaces; an interior design that could be applied to each new venue and customised to suit the creative needs of its users, from freelancers to startups and small businesses. For the Urban Zoo Coworking Design Challenge, participants were tasked with creating a unique space that would distinguish it from other traditional offices, invoking a sense of creativity and collaboration within the space.

The Menagerie by STUDIO MAS (Marianne Ventre, Anthony Spennato) France

The Menagerie project features a modern and coherent color scheme that was eye catching, inviting, and incredibly stylised. It really complimented the concept of an “urban zoo”, creating an energetic atmosphere in which workers could connect, exchange, and collaborate.

The submitted designs offered a clear and understandable concept that included an uncomplicated scheme of forms, shapes, and colors that complimented the furniture. And while unique, the scheme could easily be replicated in any type of space and has the potential to become the signature interior for the Urban Zoo Coworking brand.

WILD by CORNERSTORE (Rachel Fay, Liv Green) Australia

WILD took modular design to the next level, with its “Kit of Parts” enabling users to customise their work space towards either individual, isolated work, or fostering collaboration and networking within the space. The project really played well with the theme of a zoo environment, exploring varying levels of exposure established through the lightweight framework of its modular system.

The jury selected this project as a runner-up because the highly-functional proposed grid system showed extreme originality and ingenuity, offering a variety of different types of working spaces, presentation platforms, and storage areas. And while the design has great potential in becoming a part of the Urban Zoo Coworking bran, the jury did have slight concerns about the practicalities of the structure installation, maintenance, and cost.

Habitat by APEX PROJECT BUREAU (Darya Khrenova, Ekaterina Zakharova,
Ilyas Belyaev) Russian Federation

The Habitat project is one of the few conventional designs, with a straightforward color scheme of natural wood and plants to create a habitat where creatives could escape the rat race.

The jury panel especially complimented the smart and coherent approach to zoning, with different areas being defined as settlements, nests, and jungles, each constructed by a unique arrangement of modular units. The selection of the modular furniture, as well as the overall level of the concept detail, made for a compelling and intriguing working environment. Source and images Courtesy of BEE BREEDERS.

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