RE School 2018 Architecture design competition winners announced

RE School 2018 Architecture

We are very happy to announce the results of our RE School Architecture Competition 2018 – the contest challenged the participants to design an innovative school that brings education to children living in the most inaccessible areas of the world, while also being a hub for interaction between the local communities.

FIRST PLACE – Zhen Lei (China)

“Ruins are not the end of architecture, but its origin. The ‘Woven Clouds’ school floats above the shanty area, assembled with sandwich panels and scaffolding into a form that fuses structure, experience and the scenery. The school is like a lattice structure growing in the earth, it is not permanent, this informal building will inspire community participation and education revolution.”

SECOND PLACE – Ling Lee and Hsieh I Jon (Taiwan)

“Earthquakes, typhoons and volcanoes constantly ravage coastal regions around the globe. Countless schools take the brunt of this destructive force, but simultaneously act as emergency operation centres after the disaster. ‘The Nest – Shelter School’ uses a new system that can be easily constructed with hands-on materials and which can be readily transported to damaged environments.”

THIRD PLACE – Nikita D’Silva, Siddhant Tikkoo and Debolina Ray (India)

“Our vision of a school is one with no boundaries between education and culture, a space that unites native dying skill sets with integrated learning”. Inspired by the indigenous Gond tribe, their lifestyle and households, the school is a sublime balance between enclosed and shared spaces made using locally sourced materials.”

Honourable Mentions:

Participants: Renzo Lopez (United States)

Participants: Ayman Omeirat (Germany)

Participants: Mamingyuan, Jinlianzi and Zhaixuanyi (China)

Participants: Parallax Design Studio (India)

Special Mentions:

Participants: Avinsa Haykal, Abraham Risyad Adicunkoro and Insan Mutaqin (Indonesia)

Participants: Tian Yukan and Fan Yunlong (China)

Participants: Aayushi Sejpal and Siddharth Shewade (India)

Participants: Aida Zare Mohazzabieh, Sobhan Zare Mohazzabieh and Alireza Jamali (Iran)

Participants: Ziyang Xu and Zhiyu Li (United States)

Participants: Nishant Mittal, Dhara Patel and Rajesh Suthar (India)

Participants: Abhinav Prasoon, Siddarth Mahadevan and Dhvani Shah (India)

Participants: Roshan R Prabhu and Rajiv Babu (India)

Participant:Jakub Dygdon (United Kingdom)

Participant: Julia Dias Da Mota and Sofia Araujo Lima Bessa (Brazil)

Source and images Courtesy of Volume Zero.

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