Winner of Ferrero – Design the working break competition

CT Leisure Space

‘Ferrero – Design the working break’: international contest launched in collaboration with Ferrero, worldwide leading company in the confectionary sector, with the aim of creating a new interior design project to furnish the rooms dedicated to their employees. In particular, the areas to design were located near the production lines, dedicated to the employees’ relax, during the working break, and to nurture the relationships between colleagues.

The response proved truly up to the expectations: this competition collected 180 projects by 169 participants. Altogether 120 countries were involved. This allowed to explore the topic with various furnishing solutions, different features and styles, taking into consideration very different points of view. Furthermore, the community vote of the projects also showed a huge involvement of our designers, with thousands of votes cast for the submissions.

The winner
Tiziano Coppola and Chiara Ventrella with CT Leisure Space:
‘This project’s born with the goal of giving a newer and stronger identity to what will become the new break room for the use of the employees of the Ferrero company. With different size and measurements, the rooms have in common the expression of sharing and relax, to improve not only the work place, but even the time dedicated to themselves and to rest. Organized spaces, cheap materials and modular furniture characterize this project in a unic way, remaining a simple and elegant ambient.’

Here’s the comment by Ferrero on the whole project: “We would like to congratulate with all the participants for their great job. We saw huge participation and great ideas. Finding a winner was not so easy, but the “CT Leisure Space” project captivated us for its simplicity, adaptability to any need and the separation between the “lunch” and “relax” areas. Thank you again, to each of you.” Source by desall.

  • Author: Tiziano Coppola and Chiara Ventrella (Italy)
  • Company: Ferrero
  • Winning project: CT Leisure Space
  • Winner announcement: April 15th, 2019
  • Images: Tiziano Coppola and Chiara Ventrella, Courtesy of desall

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