CEC Shenzhen Bay Headquarter by HYP-ARCH DESIGN

CEC Shenzhen Bay Headquarter

With locational advantage of super headquarters area and planning framework, CEC Shenzhen Bay Headquarter is designed based on an in-depth research of urban structure, which is meant to provide innovative urban design strategy. The design starts with the concept of “city layer” from Chinese historical cities again and comes up with more effective urban complex design strategy according to current policies: remove the boundary between commercial podiums, high-rise tower and public space, create multi-dimensional city layer.

Located in the coastal section of Shenzhen Bay Headquarters Base area, CEC Shenzhen Bay Headquarter is consisted of office, commercial, culture and supporting facilities, covering 160,000 square meters. Abundant bay resources will make it the most valuable land around Shenzhen Bay area in the future. Basic building volume is generated according to the current construction condition and urban planning requirement of Shenzhen. The east-west city texture remains unchanged to make a cluster of buildings extend towards the heart of Shenzhen Bay Headquarter.

The building block unfolds in the south-north direction to create a south-north visual corridor. We incorporate urban pedestrian system into coastal park area, enhance the connection between the base and coastal park, offering a sightseeing and ecological corridor to urban space in northern parcel of land. The plot ratio is adjusted between the two parts of the site by means of area replacement, making the four towers look like an upward spiral and complement with the city skyline of Shenzhen Bay Headquarter. Meanwhile, it offers scenic views and improves the openness of office towers in the northern part.

An overhead corridor is established between the four towers along with spaces provided for communication, relaxation and greening to strengthen the connection among the four buildings. The structure of overhead corridor is simplified to reduce the impact on the buildings beneath it according to the daylighting requirement. Considering the location, environment, ecology and image of the four towers, T1 main building is a self-owned property of CEC and its maximum height is 120 meters. Connecting with the main building, T4 is a hotel that serves CEC staff, and it is an iconic building with the best city image.

The façade is designed depending on daylighting requirements. The slanted aluminum curtain wall uses electronic components and slanted appearance to enhance a flowing form of the building. Horizontal floor and slanted curtain wall show a “connected” façade to mitigate “massy” image and visual discomfort of tall structures standing around. A few hollow sunshade parts and viewing balcony are combined to increase openness of the curtain wall and urban publicness. When it comes to traffic, the multi-layer first floor of buildings is connected to urban public transport system, rapid transit system and basic transport system as well as multi-layer pedestrian system for different purposes.

The ladder-shaped underground commercial space and tall office towers make up a series of independent yet connected viewing platforms. Three-dimensional gardens differ from each other to bring unique experience space for lessees and owners. Viewing balcony and central viewing platform constitute vertical greening system, and multi-layer greening system and public platform are put together to form open urban public space. Source by HYP-ARCH DESIGN.

  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Architect: HYP-ARCH DESIGN
  • Design principal: Jun Gong, Hui Sha
  • Design director: Haitao Hu, Lin Wang
  • Design team: Lin Wang, Yongheng Hu, Da Lu, Yange Liu, Ziwar Al Nouri Andrea Carniti, Jiani Chen, Chenwan Qin
  • Co-designer: T22 Architects
  • Client: China Electronics Corporation
  • Type: Mixed-Use, Office / Commercial / Hospitality / Culture
  • Gross floor area: 160,000 sq m
  • Year: 2019
  • Rendering: Silkroad Visual Technology, SAN, Courtesy of HYP-ARCH DESIGN

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