Atal Towers by AP Szczepaniak wins World Architecture & Design Award 2019

Contemporary architecture with many innovations – this is the motto for Atal Towers buildings, which were appointed the winner at GFDA 2019 competition in Mixed Use category. Design of the “Atal Towers” complex distinguishes itself from others with unconventional architectural arrangements and details, up-to-date technology, as well as the unique design approach which influence functionality and composition of the plan.

High-rise towers, situated on the Odra river bank, have already taken part in the landscape of Wrocław city centre. This complex is a great example of the correlation between the natural environment and public urban spaces.

The fantastic location was perfectly used by architects to bring the prestige of this property to the higher level. Grey brick at the facade refers to the architecture of the nearby modern residential building and the peripheral light balconies with glass railings are providing a fantastic view of the city and visual contact with the river.

“Contemporary and multifunctional object which creates architectural value and rise the prestige of its surrounding – it was a purpose for us at the beginning of the designing process. Innovational architectural design made this building modern in its shape and function. Used building materials of the façade refers to nearest old-town buildings” Artur Szczepaniak said.

The lower part of the complex Atal Towers is designed on the letter “L” plan with its longer side along the Odra river. Second part of the complex consist of two high-rise towers opened to the view of the city and visual contact with the river. At the ground floor commercial spaces bring in more people and life to the complex.

Restaurants are located in front of the Odra river and welcome guests with open green gardens in warm days. Atal Towers – a multi-family residential complex, comprises 436 apartments, retail and service outlets and a food court. In summer months, customers will be able to sit in external gardens with access to the boulevard and relax on terraces admiring the view of the Oder River. Source by AP Szczepaniak.

  • Location: Sikorskiego, Wrocław, Poland
  • Architect: AP Szczepaniak
  • Project Team: Artur Szczepaniak, Paweł Szczepaniak, Ewa Englart, Anna Błasiak, Julia Kabza, Radosław Zając, Edyta Białes, Michał Zgorzyński, Agnieszka Piskorska, Agnieszka Szczepaniak, Anna Kubicha, Ewa Serzysko, Justyna Omelko, Michał Ploucha, Andrzej Augustyniak, Patryk Królikowski, Małgorzata Długosz
  • Costruction: Gotowe
  • Investor: ATAL S.A.
  • Area: 26.477,85 m2
  • Photographs: Courtesy of AP Szczepaniak

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