Oreste Wine Estate by Stipfold

Oreste Wine Estate

A road trajectory leading to ORESTE Wine Estate has been altered and a path directs a visitor through a vineyard towards a facade, where two buildings and a connecting bridge beautifully frame distant Alaverdi Monastery.

In order for a field of vision to cover more vineyard area, ground floor has been elevated. The first floor area of the building with a terrace is intended for a wine tasting.

A second floor of the building, which is allocated for a bedroom and a bathroom, connects to the neighboring wine cellar with the bridge.

To accentuate an overall structure of the conjoined buildings, black and rusty metals, brick and glass were chosen as the primary materials for this project. Source by Stipfold.

  • Location: Alaverdi, Georgia
  • Architect: Stipfold
  • Project Team: Beka Pkhakadze / Giorgi Bendelava
  • Copywriter: Mika Motskobili
  • Area: 300 m2
  • Year: 2019
  • Images: Courtesy of Stipfold

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