Casa Ry by Christoffersen Weiling Architect

Casa Ry

The farmhouse reinvented
Casa Ry is a peaceful and welcoming home located in the countryside of Denmark. The house is designed for a family of two and their precious falcons. Therefore, the project consists of a main building (living) and two barns (one for the birds and one for a workshop) surrounding a central courtyard.

A simple and yet iconic building that reinterpret the traditional Danish farmhouse. The concept is to reinterpret the simple shape of the original and traditional Danish farmhouse – three long, abstract volumes with a gable roof. The visitors enter the courtyard along a concrete path and are able to experience the entire project. The main house is placed in between the open landscape and the village and is protected by the two barn houses.

In this way, it profits both from the view onto the central courtyard, catching the sun on one side, while the other side opens towards the undulating fields, providing panoramic views over the landscape. All the gutters and chimneys are concealed in the facade made of cedar wood cladding. Thereby emphasizing a Nordic and minimalistic design.

Few and simple materials
The core of the main house is a dining room. A tall ceiling room flanked by two notable furniture designs in smoked oak that integrates a kitchen in one end and at the other end a built-in stove, while simultaneously emphasizing the more private spaces of the house. The polished concrete flooring in the interior finds its inspiration in the traditional farm housing creating a visual connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

The house is a low-energy house with integrated geothermal heat. The project Casa Ry designed by Christoffersen Weiling Architect wins the prestigious German architecture award Iconic Award in the category Innovative Architecture. The award is given to visionary buildings all over the world. Source by Christoffersen Weiling Architect.

  • Location: Ry, Denmark
  • Architect: Christoffersen Weiling Architects
  • Client: Private
  • Awards: Iconic Awards 2019, Innovative Architecture
  • Sustainability: Low-energy house with integrated geothermal heat
  • Size: 398m2
  • Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Tina Stephansen, Courtesy of Christoffersen Weiling Architect

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