Medžio sandėlis headquarters by UP architektai

Medžio sandėlis

Just on the outskirts of city Klaipėda a small office was designed for a lumber company “Medžio sandėlis”. City area, which is designated for industrial and commerce buildings but still is rarely urbanized, was quite a challenge finding the right solution. Our decision to go for a simple one floor height rectangular form was dictated by area urbanization plan where most of perspective neighboring industrial buildings are planned to be much bigger in volume.

The aim was to make a building which would fit in today’s and wouldn’t be overwhelmed in perspective surroundings, also a building which could represent lumber company despite the small size of it. Vertical lumber lamellas was chosen as the main façade element with their monotonic layout, thickness and contrasting graphite colour sandwich panels and transparent windows behind making building look more massive and solid than it is.

A wooden theme continues from exterior to interior, applying the same lamella arrangement in the inside areas combining them with clear white walls, frameless glass partitions and wooden furniture elements. Lamellas from the outside works not only as the sun control but by blocking direct sunlight also provides smooth natural lighting for the inner rooms. The main idea in the interior was to open up spaces and create the impression of a filling light. Interior contents are created by contrast principles.

Massive wood texture elements have become the central axis of spaces and are the connecting link between exterior and interior. In contrast to the wood, the interior is filled with light grey forms, anthracite fragments used to emphasize details. Designed furniture with a minimalist structure but decorative. Large volume structures such as cabinets or desks look lighter with the introduction of linearity details. Lamps in working areas is designed functional, although three decorative pendant lamps of wood texture became the final accent of the interior. Source by UP architektai.

  • Location: Tilžės g 82, Klaipėda, Lithuania
  • Architect: UP architektai
  • Architect in Charge: Algirdas Stripinis
  • Interior designer: Dovilė Kraujutė
  • Construction Designer: Jolanda Bartkienė, Kilminta Bacevičiūtė
  • Area: 355.77 sqm
  • Year: 2019
  • Photographs: Leonas Garbacauskas, Courtesy of UP architektai

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