Sawyer Place mural by Rubin

Tony “Rubin” Sjöman, best known for pairing statement-making artistry with masterful architecture in iconic urban centers for all the world to see, has, for the very first time, brought his talents north of NYC to Yonkers and was made possible by RXR Realty. RXR commissioned a mural by Sjöman to grace the exterior of its latest multifamily high-rise, Sawyer Place, their new luxury rental in Yonkers overlooking the Hudson River.

It’s a unique way to beautify the garage area, a typically overlooked space in most buildings. Residents can choose from a studio or a one- or two-bedroom apartment with spacious layouts and skyline views, as well as an extensive state-of-the-art amenities list. The building itself is very art-centric and located within a thriving arts district in Yonkers, surrounded by local galleries, with exhibits having been held at the property. The RXR team has made it their mission to incorporate art in unique ways throughout all of their projects in any way they can, like their Brooklyn project’s 90-foot mural at 475 Clermont.

The intersection of art and real estate rings true in their projects while also appealing and engaging residents. Having a cultural component in your building has become an amenity in and of itself and RXR recognizes that. Sjöman’s roots are in Finland and Sweden and he draws inspiration from his Scandinavian heritage. Since moving to Manhattan, he has become a staple of the art scene of New York City and beyond. His murals can be seen in a wide variety of spots in and around the city: on churches, in hotels and high-end boutiques, in luxury high-rises throughout Manhattan and on the 69th floor of WTC 4.

The mural custom designed for Sawyer Place is 55-feet long and 12-feet high, with bright oranges and pinks as well as a contrasting black and grey, reminiscent of that of a river sunset. Sjöman’s general color pallet aligns with the Master brand pallet at Sawyer Place, which originally drew RXR to him. Sawyer Place features one-, and two-bedroom residences with spacious layouts and skyline views, creating a space inspired by relaxation and modern details. State-of-the-art amenities – including a social rooftop terrace and the highly-anticipated Fitness Factory Health Club. Source by RXR and photos Courtesy of Relevance International.

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