A spatial identity for Audi by MESURA


Our idea of mobility is changing. Quoting Audi, moving means meeting change. It questions the familiar, embraces the unknown until it outstrips the power of our imagination. If mobility is a constant encounter with everything that is new, how can its physical space act in the same way?

An Elastic Spatial Model
The research for Audi rethinks commonplace design elements that bring user, industry, and society to the front, instead of focussing on products on display. The spatial concept works as an autonomous system based on two types of vertical partitions that create elasticity and stimulate day to day movement: walking, sitting, driving, rambling.

A first layer of walls draws a central space that functions as an agora where events and activities are held. Introducing openings in the walls which frame the visitors’ views into small glimpses of the central area, raising their curiosity. A second layer of translucent panels curls around the central space, creating and connecting smaller areas which vary in light, size and function.

Different ranges of transparency, geometrical shapes and unexpected turns create a sense of fluidity and exploration, aiming to connect people, program and form. By using these two simple elements, Audi’s spatial model creates a wide collection of spaces that adapt to every moment, need and personality. The system can be applied to any existing space or become the base for a new construction.

The Physical Space as a Statement
Rather than the traditional vitrine display, physical space has become the ideal environment for analogue brand exploration. It has evolved into a tool for culture creation, allowing brands to expand their universe through an interdisciplinary and inclusive approach that speaks to a wide range of visitors and collaborators: a curious bypasser, an informed client, a brand subscriber.

Space is capable of being a transformative force. Much like mobility, it can help us ask questions, challenge the way we live and embrace the unknown, until to the point where space becomes a statement in itself, questioning its purpose and remade relevance. Source by MESURA.

  • Location: Spain
  • Architect: MESURA
  • Client: Audi
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Renders: Playtime, Horoma
  • Images: Courtesy of MESURA

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