KIFF 2.0 by Focketyn Del Rio Studio

KIFF 2.0

Miquel del Rio and Hans Focketyn propose a building consisting of two volumes, united by floating public spaces and enclosed by a façade of corrugated sheet metal, referencing the industrial character of the original building. In the smaller of the two volumes we find two separate and acoustically insulated event rooms as well as backstage and production elements on three floors and an underground floor.

In the second volume, areas for gastronomy, offices, workshops, radio studios and other facilities are proposed on five floors. Surrounded by columns, the separate structure is strengthened, resulting in acoustic isolation of the concert halls. Both volumes are enclosed together by a shell that unites the two buildings and creates public spaces between them. These publicly accessible areas form a multi-level “street” which becomes the publicly accessible heart of the ensemble.

During the day, the public areas can be opened to the outside on both sides and connect with the neighbourhood. They can be closed at night, counteracting noise emissions. Several floating platforms are continuously activated by different uses: Fumoir, bars, restaurants, food trucks, etc. In addition to its programmatic emancipation, the design also offers a distinctive identity. Rather opaque during the day, the porous metal facade transforms into a delicate, transparent filter at dusk that allows visibility of different rooms.

As soon as night falls, the light and the activities of the building permeate to the outside. The public areas become a signal announcing the activities of KIFF and attracting visitors. The KIFF2.0 strengthens the character of this cultural centre and improves shortcomings of the old building to eventually provide an open building that will create a diverse, inclusive and barrier-free environment for the public. Source by Focketyn Del Rio Studio.

  • Location: Aarau, Switzerland
  • Architect: Focketyn Del Rio Studio
  • Principal: Miquel del Rio, Hans Focketyn
  • Client: KIFF, Aarau
  • Status: project 2019 (Invited Competition)
  • Images: Courtesy of Focketyn Del Rio Studio

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