Multiple Connections within Co-working Space by GWP Architects

Co-working Space

This project takes “multiple connections” as the design concept, aiming at connecting the relationship between people and space, space and space, and space and regional culture by ingenious spatial design and moving lines. We hope that the entrepreneurial teams who work here can feel the delicacy and fun of design share, connect and have a good memory here in the way of their entrepreneurship.

This project is located in Kingboard Square, Changning District, Shanghai, which is the core part of the airport business park. It is adjacent to the world’s largest transportation hub, Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Hub. It has superior geographical location and perfect transportation support. Throughout the project, we designed more than a dozen interesting punching spots and connected them with continuous walking lines.

The entrance is the first design highlight, which we call it the entrepreneurship door. A semi-arch coffee acrylic board is used to form a unique sequence in the form of the opening page. The black wire-drawn metal arch at the end emphasizes the ritual sense of the entrance. With strong ritual significance, this entrance connects people with place and space instantaneously.

It also implies that entrepreneurs entering here will open a new chapter in their lives. In the reception, we designed a multi-level open space. On both sides, the space is fixed with youthful, light and fashionable color system, decorated with warm colors soft outfit. Voice tube is a small gadget that have ever been in many people’s childhood.

Through the addition of childlike elements, friends would come when they give the word after work. At this time, the partners, busying and lacking of communication, will become intimate because of this small trick. Designers intentionally make the corridor as a meaningful space. With the use of modelling walls and the rendering of bright colors, corridors is no longer a small supporting role.

If there is time, every passer-by can stop here and participate in designer’s carefully designed games. As an important part of the co-working space, multi-functional ladder area is where people communicate and distribute. In order to make the area more accessible, designers use wooden ladders and box elements to make the space more rhythmic. Source by GWP Architects.

  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Architect: GWP Architects
  • Chief designer: Guowei Zhang (John) Ping Wang
  • Design Team: Victor Ruan, Dana Liu, Jevon Cai, Wensson Luo, Rika Zhu
  • Owner company: Kingboard Properties、KWG Property HoldingLimited
  • Area: 2,686 SQM
  • Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Courtesy of GWP Architects

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