Participate in Rethinking The Future Awards 2020

Rethinking The Future Awards

For over more than half a decade, Rethinking the Future (RTF) has been a leading organization committed to providing an international platform which recognize and acknowledge design talents from all over the world. Through its other ventures, RTF also celebrates and share the knowledge created through a plethora of awards, events and academic dialogues in the field of Architecture & Design.

In its 8th year of recognizing and rewarding Architectural Excellence, RTF has launched its new set of awards Rethinking The Future Awards 2020 with increased number of opportunities for encouraging the accomplished and upcoming minds of the fraternity. With more than 50 categories including residential, commercial, hospitality and interior design; the award also aims to felicitate designers of lifestyle accessories, interior design elements and temporary structures.

To introduce fresher perspectives into this global online award, two separate sections of Education Awards and Best Studio Design have also been supplemented: RTF Education Awards outlines a brief that is pivoted around awarding projects completed by young professionals of Design/Architecture as a part of their undergraduate or postgraduate thesis. These nominations are further divided according to the typology of project designed and the degree for which it was conceived.

RTF Education Awards invites Students and Young graduates from across the world to submit their Concept Projects in RTF Education Awards. RTF Design Studio Award intends to appreciate the realms designed by architects; used for the purpose of creating innovative built solutions, that is, An Architect’s Studio. Source and images Courtesy of Rethinking The Future.

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