Classic Blue in the Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects’s architecture

Classic Blue

Pantone recently announced its color of the year, and 2020 will be the year of Classic Blue. Pantone describes Classic Blue as a calm and restful hue that “highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” In architecture, Danish firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects has woven Classic Blue into two marquee projects – the Katuaq Cultural Centre in Nuuk, Greenland; and the City of Westminster College in London.

The flagship campus for City of Westminster College in London is designed to support new ways of teaching and learning. The 24,000m2 college provides much greater amounts of open learning spaces than typical colleges in the UK. The College is located in the heart of Central London at Paddington Green on the site of its previous building, an inefficient and failing 1960s block.

The building has been designed from the inside-out, responding to the needs of the diverse groups who use the College, as well as taking into account the sensitive local context. It appears as a clean-cut, modern building with a distinct Nordic heritage. City of Westminster College Paddington Green Campus has won the prestigious 2011 RIBA Award, one of the most rigorously judged architectural awards schemes in the world.

The foyer of the Katuaq Cultural Centre in Greenland serves as an indoor public piazza and is divided into separate areas by three free-standing geometric structures housing the main facilities of the Cultural Centre: a square box for the TV studio, a triangular structure for the café and a circular form for the multi-purpose auditorium. The auditorium seats 550 people and can also be used as a cinema, theatre, concert hall or conference hall. Source and photos Courtesy of Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

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