Dental Clinic by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos


Located in the center of the city, the project arises to give response to a new clinic whose values are based on an extremely personalized treatment to the client.

The layout of the building, which dates from the beginning of the last century, conditioned the distribution. It was decided to unify the color of walls, floor and ceiling, using a continuous pavement designed by the studio.

The tone of this material is applied to the lacquering of the wooden panels and the painting of the walls, to the solid surface of the counter tops, to the faucets, the push-buttons … etc. favoring an environment that responded to the idea of the owners.

This dark gray tone intentionally contrasts with the necessary dental care devices, which are shown this way as the main elements of the activity. The irregular space is solved with the entrance hall, creating an interesting perception of space. Source by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.

  • Location: Valencia, Spain
  • Architect: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
  • Interior Design: Alfaro Hofmann
  • Principal in Charge: Fran Silvestre, Pablo Camarasa
  • Project Team: María Masià, Ricardo Candela, Estefanía Soriano, Sandra Insa,
  • Sevak Asatrián, Ricardo Candela, David Sastre, Vicente Picó, Rubén March, Jose Manuel Arnao, Rosa Juanes, Gemma Aparicio, Paz Garcia-España, Ángel Pérez, Juan Fernandez, Javi Hinojosa, Pau Ricós, Andrea Baldo, Blanca Larraz, Jorge Puig, Carlos Lucas, Miguel Massa, Paloma Feng, Alicia Simón
  • MArch Arquitectura y Diseño: Pablo Larroulet, Gino Brollo
  • Financial Manager: Ana de Pablo
  • Marketing and communication: Sara Atienza
  • Construction Company: Domus Dovela
  • Built Area: 74m2
  • Year: 2019
  • Photographs: Jesús Orrico, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

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